Cuba (Day 6) – 11.3.2017

Saturday was a quiet day. As always, we were up earlier than the others, so we took breakfast in our Casa, not in a cafe (the D’Next) as on the first day. Hanna read a little after breakfast while I tried to acquire an access card for the WiFi hotspots in Cuba from the state telecommunications company ETESCA for the umpteenth time. From time to timeI needed to check the communication with the EU for an ongoing contract. After a couple of times, I had nearly given up, because the queue in front of the shop was just too long and did not move. Early Saturday morning was obviously a good time and after about 20 minutes waiting I had secured my card for 5 hours of Internet access (for about 7 euros).

ETESCA Internet

Otherwise nothing was planned with the group, so Hanna and I went on a small tour in the old town around our Casa. The first, surely typical impression, can be seen in the following photo.

Straße in Havana

Our original goal was the nearby Bacardi building, the original Bacardi headquarters, which was abandoned after the revolution (original rum from Cuba is now available mainly under the name of Havana Club, although the brand was introduced as early as 1935). Hanna wanted to see the building, and although we did not find a museum as expected, however, we were admitted to the entrance hall to see the beautiful art-nouveau elements.

Halle Bacardi

The entrance hall.


Letter boxes.



After visiting the building, we moved back to the side alleys. Hanna found a fruit and vegetable store and wanted to buy a few limes for the inevitable mojitos. They were probably a little overpriced with 5 CUC (about 5 Euros). Hanna had only a 10 CUC note and we got a 5-note back. It was not a tourist store and as you can imagine, on closer inspection the change money turned out as a 5 CUP bill. A CUC corresponds to about 25 CUP, which would have been a bad business. Luckily I had noticed it and we got the correct change.

A few yards away, we wanted to have a drink, a mojito, and went to a small bar with only a few tourists (Bar el Angel de Tejadillo). It was equipped with a lot of football insignia, including 1. FC Köln and FC St. Pauli. The owner spoke German quite well and it turned out that he was born in Berlin as a son of a diplomatic couple.


On the way (for lunch) we noticed this beautiful mosaic on a not very remarkable house.

At lunch in the (if I remember correctly) Ruinas del Parque Hanna had once again her lobster and we both had some Mojitos, the location was beautiful, under trees, and there was, as so often, good music. Two young cats were fed extensively by Hanna before they were swept away again and again by the waiter with a prepared water bottle.

Hanna then went to rest and I tried to get an internet connection in a nearby hotel, unfortunately in vain, obviously too many wanted people the same.

In the evening we all were back at the Van Van, where this time I noticed the decoration of the toilet room.

Toilette im Van Van 1   toilette2.jpg   

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