Cuba – Day 5 (10.2.2017)

After the many visits on the days before, it should be a beach day this time. Two people, however, were not there: Sean obviously had a bad sandwich caught the day before and it was therefore bed rest. And our “tour guide” Natascha (also called “La Commandanta”) wanted to use the day to explore restaurants or other places of interest (and certainly to maintain or observe Sean). Even Brian did not come, but what he did, is not so clear to me.


At first, however, a little waiting was necessary, because the Snow family had to get first towels and then something to read. This meant for them the ascent to their Casa, each time more than 70 steps. For the rest of us, this gave us the opportunity to look around the Plaza del Cristo a little, for example the Iglesia del Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje.


Then we went with two taxis to Tropicoco beach, about 15 km from Havana. The beach is very nice, but also well visited.


But that did not stop us from making ourselves comfortable. The good thing about this beach was that not only the drinks, but also the food were delivered to the lounger. I shared a very good lobster with Hanna.

Greg, Erda, Hanna

Greg, Erda and Hanna, each holding on to a drink.


Oliver with a drink as well, probably Cuban cola (yes, there is such a thing).


Nadya had coconut milk from a freshly opened coconut, although the picture unfortunately does not show whether it was with or without rum.


And the last (but not the least) of our beach party, Sandra, with a beer like Greg above.

Hanna and I, incidentally, were the only ones who did not go into the water.

Kubanerin mit Zigarre

Cuban women sometimes prefer other local products.

In the evening we were all together again, even Sean was on his feet again. We had a good dinner at the Van Van with even better cuban live music. The tourists on Tripadvisor placed the restaurant as no. 1 of Havana restaurants.

Restaurant Van Van

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