Cuba – Day 3 (8.3.2017)

The third day was devoted to an event that only a few Cuban visitors experience: a visit to a Cuban family.

Nata and Nadya went shopping with Alejandro in the morning and then prepared a meal in the house of his family. The rest of the troops came later and we spent a happy afternoon.

Nata und Nadya beim Kochen

Some time between cooking, Nata has a discussion with the mother-in-law of Alejandro …

Nata und Alejandros Mutter

…while his father is taking care of the BBQ.

Alejandro's Vater

Hanna and I came under siege by Alejandro’s daughter Natalie, who gradually gave us her toy supplies.

Hanna mit Spielzeug

Natalie is, as we see, the pride of the father. The other family members present were the parents of Alejandro, his wife, his daughter, his sister, two sons, and his mother-in-law.

Vater und Tochter   Familie

Neffe   Familie

However, others did not look so very happy.


But at some point the food was ready.

Essen bei Alejandro

And then mixed Canadian-Cuban dining groups (or purely Cuban or Canadian ones) were formed.

Nata, Nadya und Alejandros Familie


Sean und Alejandro

After the meal music and dance were announced. Music is omnipresent in Cuba, there are lots of Cuban groups, but this time Greg was on the guitar. He had come out of Havana early in the morning with Erda and played despite his tiredness.

Greg und Zuhörer


Even the most beautiful day comes to an end and as it is in Cuba, an old-timer was called for us a taxi. This was the best-preserved car from the 50’s, which we experienced on our trip.



After the return Hanna and I fell into bed, maybe still an impact of the jet lag. The others wanted to visit the same Italian restaurant, where we had been the evening before, but this time they were not let in for unexplained reasons.

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