Visitors, visitors, visitors

Today is the first day, without people visiting us.

On Saturday my sister and her husband were here, because he had to shut down his professional apartment in Berlin and move to his new job headquarters near Munich. We had a nice roast beef with carot vegetables.

On Sunday the Prenzler family was here and helped us to build a few furnitures from Ikea, as a reward we had a wild boar leg with ratatouille and potatoes. And for those who do not like Ratatouille, there was still some carots left from the day before.

After clearing the apartment Petra and Thomas were with us again on Monday, but this time we did not cook, but Thomas invited us to dinner in return for my assistance in the final inspection of his flat. We went to Schneeweiß, a restaurant very well visited for a Monday, obviously because it is recommended in many foreign travel guides, but the food is absolutely worth it.

After breakfast on Tuesday both then wanted to go for the final handing over of the Pankow apartment. This was however disturbed by the fact that some thieves had smashed the rear window of Thomas’ company car and stole the navigation system, radio and a couple of suits. There were obviously professionals at work.

After all this excitement we enjoy being alone again.

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