28/01/2013 (Mon)

Today is again a Monday not moving over to Hamburg. The occasion is an appointment with the ENT woman doctor in preparation for the sleep lab. And she did find some things that could be important in relation to breath disorders. This requires of course some more tests. Maybe these then will bring more opportunities to stay a day longer in Berlin.

29/1/2013 (Tue)

In Hamburg, back again for a week of hard work on a deadline. We were successful last year with a proposal, being one of three that were selected from hundreds of applicants. Unfortunately we had overlooked a clause that limited the allowable day rates for personnel. The European Commission had negotiated the project accordingly, but unfortunately one of our partners took this as an opportunity to withdraw from the project.

The EU wants the project to go through, my boss wants it, so a new start with a reworked proposal. Unfortunately, my boss was in Brussels for 10 days before the deadline and furthermore caught a nasty virus, so I’m suddenly had to lead the proposal work with the support of a colleague. So long working days, today and tomorrow.

30/01/2013 (Wed)

I had been promised the numbers for Monday, when I did not get them, I had set a deadline for Wednesday 16:00 h, finally the data were dispatched past 17:00h. Then incorporated into the documented and loaded up to the Commission server. The submission of proposals nowadays is mostly electronic and usually it is good practice to upload a version in time to avoid heavy loadsjust before closing time. In another large research framework program one may upload a newer version again and again until the final deadline. But not here: uploaded, the got the message: now you are no longer allowed to, the proposal is locked in its current state!. Well, fortunately everything needed was in the document, the only thing I wanted to do still was nothing but polishing.

In the evening, I went to the Italian Mercato Ristorante once again, but this again lost a point: I feel slightly deceived if they give the impression that a menu depending on market conditions has been developed by shoowing the disheswritten on a blackboard. But then, if after a week it still says exactly the same thing, then I think it is nothing but a bad marketing ploy.

31.01.2013 (Thursday)

Today, as I had the deadline, I had postponedan appointment especially from the morning to the afternoon, to allowfor the last finishing touches to the proposal. But, as it was already locked the day before, I had some time to relax. Incidentally, for those interested: the application was on the subject of “Knowledge Alliances” as part of the Erasmus programme. In this project, courses are developed in partnership with industry to train entrepreneurs.

The appointment I had postponed was one with a professor with whom I cooperate on another project, the meeting focussing on personnel and staffing issues. The Prof had gone into retirement last year and his graduate students obviously had put together a book of his research career through the research papers he published over the yeara. And he gave me a copy, I thought that was a nice touch.

02/01/2013 (Fri)

Today is the most beautiful day of the week it is homeward!!

2/2/2013 (Sat)

Linus am Computer

Hanna received an unexpected Skype call today from an old classmate whom shhe deemed in Costa Rica. And of course she has invited him for lunch/dinner at our place at once. Otherwise, we had a leisurely day, also with computer games, when Linus is extremely fond of lying between us and tries to make using the mouse difficult for Hanna. To eat, we had a very simple but extremely tasty dish: pasta with a sauce of bacon, mushrooms, pine nuts, parsley, garlic and sour cream, topped with freshly ground parmesan cheese.

Pasta with bacon and mushrooms

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