The week after

You would think that I would enjoy the newly renovated apartment once done. But no, the week from the 21st was the first full five-day week in Hamburg in 2013. So everything was back to “Normal”.


21/01/2013 (Mon)

The first full week of work in Hamburg and it begins likek that as well: the train stops on the open track, of course not far from the destination. Obviously, the train driver had to check some brakes for malfunction. Result was a delay of 30 minutes. No, exactly, it was one of 29 minutes. Have you announcements? 9 minutes then become “about 5” and 29 “about 25”.

Next to me on the train were two models talking in English. One was obviously from Toronto and one from Austria. They talked about their jobs, the agencies and photographers. And the job can probably be pretty hard, one was afraid of a date the next day, where she was booked for photographs of summer fashion. Fear because the photographer obviously loves the outdoors, shooting the light garment in the sub-zero temperatures we had then. What struck me about the girls was that they are very tall and, well, were very slim, but that they had had completely featureless faces. Must be so, so that the makeup people can express themselves freely.


22/1/2013 (Tue)

In Harburg, I tried a new Italian restaurant, the Ristorante Mercato in Neue Strasse. Decorated like a typical trattoria, of course with red checkered tablecloths, many bottles, Ferrari models to a full-blown Vespa. I had very good spaghetti vongole, with a lot of fresh garlic and a little on the sharp side. For dessert there was a parfait, with outside coconut on the outside and inside with a Limoncello cream. Delicious.


24/01/2013 (Thursday)

And nothera visit to the Ristorante Mercato, although I usually go really rarely eat dinner. This time I took the test that I perform always with Italians: the Carbonara test. Taking German shool notes,I would give this a 2- (“just about good”). Actually, they were good, but unfortunately the Parmigiano was already added to the pasta in the kitchen, I’d prefer to do it myself at the table.


25/01/2013 (Fri)

For the return trip on Friday I have now discovered a pleasant ICE. Usually the trains to Berlin leave Hamburg shortly after the hour, but since beginning of the new timetable this one goes at 14:38. Since it’s obviously not as well known, it is so beautifully empty that I (on Friday!!) do not need to make a reservation and have a whole table to myself. Ok, this one takes a little longer because of stops in Ludwigslust and Wittenberg, but the train scheduled half an hour later I could not take because all the seats were booked.


26/01/2013 (Sat)

How I missed it! When I used to live in Hamburg, I had a regular card playing evening, a German game called Doppelkopf for which you need four people. We met monthly in turns and had lots of fun. Here in Berlin we had tried several times but we were never successful in finding a round. Today we had Manuela and Michellewho usually clean our flat. This time it was a private visit with Flo and it turned out to be a fun round, so that I hopeit can also become a regular institution. The food in between, the wontons, I’ve already briefly mentioned above.

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