All new in 2013

After spending two nice and quiet weeks together in Berlin, we are now back in the normal work routine.

Last week was very busy, on the one hand, I had to submit an application along with a scientist from Switzerland, a research project on cloud computing, which had cost me almost the whole weekend, and we also had our flat renovated from fron to rear within five days. But that was absolutely necessary, as you can see on the wall with where we took down the pictures.

Living room before redocaration

The first time I had “full service”. Two men took care of the painting and moving the furniture, and the two women who usually clean up with us stood by to empty the furniture, clean it and fill it again. To make the whole thing more effective Flo and Andrew have even stayed with us, the guest room was not only used as a storage room for various things that were removed from elsewhere, but also as a craftsmen sleeping room overnight.

Guestroom during redecoration

I’d been sitting at the computer and worked (ok, sometimes also played) and all decorating activities were going on in the background. And four and a half days later the apartment was renovated, and the proposal delivered.

Thanks to Flo, Andrew, Manuela and Michelle!

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