The tale of the two red settees


Once upon a time there were two red settees bought by AH and AR in happy times. But times changed and AH decided to separate from AR. And as there were two red settees, AH found it kind of naturally that each would get one of those. AR did not like it at all as she found it unjust, that AH’s new girl friend would sit on this settee. However, she could not prevent AH taking it and therefore decorated it with scribbles meant to induce a bad conscience into AH’s friend to sit on it.

Seven years passed and all injuries seemed to have healed. Then AR decided to replace her scribble-free settee with a new one. AH found out and said that he would like to have it, he would even pay for it. AR told him that she would think about it and tell him about her decision.

Some time later AH met AR again and asked about the settee. AR told him that she had offered it on the blackboard at the university. AH again expressed his interest, but AR meant it should not go to friends, she had even told her friend EL who was interested as well that it should not go to Berlin and not to friends. AH showed that he did not understand but said that he was not able to do anything. At the end of the meeting AR disclosed that she had put the settee on offer at Ebay via an agent and asked him not to bid for it. AH agreed and never thought about it again. As AH talks about these things with his ex-friend and now wife, he told her about the latest developments.

Next Monday AH received a message that AR wanted him to call her, which he did. She told him that KL, one of his friends had won the bid for the settee. AH was quite astonished and was confronted with the request to bring KL to withdraw his bid. AH telephoned back and forth, in his heart wanting to have the settee, a wish KL wanted to fulfill in the belief to do him a favour. But AR did not accept this and made AH, who did not know about anything, responsible for one of his acquaintances√ā¬† bidding and insisted on the offer being withdrawn. For a settee that in the end he would like to have???

AH remains puzzled, does he not keep his promises? Is it all worth while?

The photo shows my sister sitting on one of the settees. She is nopt part of the story and just serves to illustrate it.

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