People: The Punks

spike punkThe ICE, which I enter at Berlin-Ostbahnhof is supposed to bring me to Dortmund stopping in Berlin Central, Spandau, Hannover and Bielefeld. I just had settled in my seat, when a group of punks enters the car, the only smoking compartment in second class. Typical punks with either leather or camouflage clothes, decorated with chains and one or more Mercedes or Volkswagen signs. They are well equipped, a crate of cheap lager, meat balls and sausages. No cigarettes however, making one of them travel the car to ask people for one, which he eventually gets.

They not only look typical (one of the girls had spikey hair as seen in the picture), their behaviour is typical as well, loud conversation, not interested in other people’s privacy and opinion. Everybody in the car learns from their talk that they want to go to Hannover, and they simply talk about not having a ticket and speculating that the conductor will only come after Berlin and that there will be no possibility to throw them off the train before their target city. Seemed like a clever idea.

But surely they did not take into account that DB was counting their passengers that day. Shortly before the last stop in Berlin therefore the conductor entered the car with a small counting machine. He stopped counting immediately when he saw the punks and instinctively asked for the ticket. The punk he had asked showed his identity card and said that they wanted to Hannover. The conductor remained unimpressed and asked for money or ticket or that they should leave in Berlin.

Normally I say that punks try to provoke but generally are quite peaceful. This proved to be true, without any protest they left the train with all their provisions. They discussed however if they should enter the train in its second, independent part.

If they had done that, I do not know. The conductor after that still looked confident and very distinctive. And distinctive he surely was, I recognized him from another trip to Hamburg. I just imagine… but no, that surely would be another “People” story.

Image by: Shavar

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  2. salma says:

    wow very nice hair can i nw whats ur name plz and ur age???

  3. Axel says:

    Unfortunately it is not me. The name of the photograph is below the article.

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